GET QUINCE IDEAS: A Winter Wonderland Theme

It’s coming towards the end of 2012 and everyone is anticipating one more important event, your Quinceañera! In honor of this holiday season, My Quince has five tips for your Winter Wonderland to be the talk of the town.

Chilly Combinations
A winter inspired theme is not complete without silvers, blues, and whites. Any combination of the three will imitate the chilly effect and reflect your winter infused theme. Use seasonal blue sage flowers in your bouquet for an inexpensive way to incorporate your color scheme.

The Perfect Dress
The perfect quinceañera dress is hard to find, but adjusting it to this theme is not. Baby blue toned dresses or dazzling gems on a white gown will compliment your skin tone and provide a glowing contrast to the rest of your party. Check out our Dress Gallery for more dress ideas.

A Winter Wonderland theme is filled with snowflakes and, if daring enough, icicles. Besides your decorations, incorporate these ideas into your tiara, necklace, or bracelets for a cute way to add sparkle to your quinceanera transformation.

Festive Food
During the holiday season, everyone enjoys gingerbread houses, chocolate chip cookies, and hot beverages. Bring these holiday treats to your party in the form of a snack bar or hot chocolate bar. This will bring a seasonal twist to your treats while sticking to your theme.

For your quinceanera, you want a venue that is as unique as your theme but functional to your needs. A cozy lodge venue may be more suitable because of their large and small areas and high ceilings that are great for stringing twinkling lights from. An amusement park can also provide enough space while tailoring to your theme and needs with their party packages.

A Winter Wonderland Quinceanera is more than snowflakes or hot chocolate; it’s the fun and creative ways you incorporate the theme into your big day. This holiday season, use these helpful tips to create your own magical winter-inspired theme that represents you.

-By Jennifer Jimenez

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