How To Plan the Perfect Summer Quince

Summer is around the corner and saying the word out loud brings back blissful memories of sunny days, where the thought of no school in the summer time brings more joy than a picture of William Levy shirtless. No seriously, enough about William, and lets dive into making your quinceañera unforgettable this summer.

Selecting Your Quince Theme

The first step to planning an unforgettable quinceañera is choosing the theme. The theme will determine your whole outlook on the party. From the colors you choose, to decorations, to your dress, invitations, even food and venue are based on the theme you choose. Think of the theme as your turn-by-turn Navigation, it’s important so later you don’t get lost through out the decision making process.

Here are some examples of Summer Theme ideas:

  • Under The Sea
  • A Summer In Paris
  • 1920’s Vintage Summer (think of the movie The Notebook)

*A Small Tip: Of course you can come up with your own unique theme but always think of the main idea. When people walk into the venue you want them to automatically know what your party is all about.


Deciding on the Venue

Second, the venue. In the summer the venues are limitless. From outside venues, to an ocean view venue, to a city venue, it all depends on your theme. If the “Under The Sea” theme is chosen then you want to look for venues close to the beach. If you choose a “Summer In Paris” theme you want a city venue at night. If you choose 1920’s Summer you want your venue to be out in the open with amazing vintage decor. Whatever it is you wont have to worry because the summer weather will allow you to have any type of venue.

*A Small Tip: When choosing a venue, make sure it feels right. Make sure you can see your whole party unfold in that location. And most important make sure there is a dance floor! If you’re having a traditional Quince make sure you have enough dance space for the Waltz, Surprise Dance, Etc…

Choosing your Colors and Theme

Third, the color and decoration could be the most important part of planning. You can always combine colors but always have a balance, not too much of one or another. Remember to limit your colors, keep it at four colors or below. You don’t want your guest to be overwhelmed by so many colors.

My-Quince-Under-the-Sea-ThemeDecorations are a biggie. You want your venue to be decorated in unique ways to bring out the theme. You want to include small details on the centerpieces and tables to make it obvious. For example if choosing Under The Sea, you can include a huge vase field with water and add a couple of rocks that go with the colors you have chosen and maybe throw in a couple of gold fish. You can add small seashell napkin holders to bring out the theme, and even include candies in your candy table that high light the theme. Like sea horse gummies, or chocolate shaped seashells, even small details as having gumballs the same color as your overall theme colors will make a difference.

Rent a photo booth and include items that your guest can take pictures with that highlight the theme as well.

Invitations should also follow your theme. Think of the invitations as a preview into your party. You don’t want to give too much away but you want to let them know they’re in for a night of surprises.

*A Small Tip: Remember that anything can be decorated to fit your theme. From the chairs to your centerpieces, even having your DJ dress up for the appropriate theme can make a difference.My-Quince-A-Summer-in-Paris-theme

Your Gorgeous Dress

Lastly, the dress. The most important asset of your party is YOU! You have to look your best, take the time to choose a dress that you LOVE! Yes, love not like. You have to be able to feel confident and beautiful in the dress you pick. Try it on and make sure it fits to perfection. You can try to pick a dress that collaborates with the theme in some way. It can be as simple as choosing the same theme color. Remember it is summer, pick something that you can breathe in, since the weather will have you sweating in parts you shouldn’t!

*A Small Tip: Make sure to order the dress with time, plan out with your dresser specific dates where you can try it on. Have two fitting dates, with enough time to alter the dress in case it doesn’t fit.

Overall, summer is the best season for Quinces. The My Quince Magazine is your best friend; you can find vendors and plenty of ideas to work from. Remember when planning everything, simplicity is your friend and Elegancy is your best friend. Keep it straight to the point, simple and elegant. After all you’re turning fifteen and that makes you a lady, darling.

-By Bianca Calanche




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