¡Feliz cumpleaños! You’re on your way to creating the perfect quinceañera celebration and there are a lot of details to stay on top of. It’s easy for them to stack up, so much so that you might overlook a couple of small – but potentially important – details.

It is essential to think about the guests that are coming to your fiesta. They’re probably coming a long distance, even clearing up their own schedule; to make sure they’re with you to celebrate your big night. They’ll probably come almost as dressed up as you are: a new hairstyle, formal clothes, and groomed to look their best out of their respect and affection. You’re the star of the party, but consider giving something back to them in return.

In olden times, a princess or a queen, when given gifts by others, would always give something back to show her friendship and appreciation. As you’re the princess of the evening, and the quinceañera is your coronation, you need to make the same gesture. To show your “kingdom” you appreciate them, just like in days long ago, this gift is said to demonstrate your “favor.” Here are some details that you should think about when considering quince favors!

1. Think carefully about your favors. Your choice of quinceañera favors can reflect your celebration’s theme. It might be a memento guests can use at home. It might be a decoration that they can showcase to others. The favor you choose might even be both. You should think about the favor and choose carefully. Remember that the favor can also simply be about fun!

2. Favors can reflect your personality. For example, if you’re known as a romantic or sensitive young lady, you might present your guests with a votive or gel candle. If family and friends know how much you’re an athlete, you might give them a favor that reminds them of the great outdoors. These favors can also set the tone, or mood, for your quince celebration.

3. Personalized favors are great. with your name and the date of your big day, so that guests have a lasting keepsake of the event. The personalization can be engraved right on the surface or it might be monogrammed with your initials. The good news is that personalization often comes as a free extra feature on many quince favors. Unfortunately, the process does sometimes take weeks make sure to order well in advance of your celebration.

4. Gift-wrap favors. Finally, remember that your favors are gifts and should be gift-wrapped like any other present. When you browse for the perfect quinceañera favor, check to see what gift-wrapping is included in the packaging prices.

Shopping for a quinceañera favor can be rewarding in its own right because a great favor can inspire your choice of decorations, themes, and even music for the big event. Remember though that your guests are special people at your fiesta, too, and they deserve a reward for their generosity and time. That’s what the best princesses and queens do!

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-By Lauren Ho