GET QUINCE IDEAS: 6 Fall Quinceañera Trends

2014 has turned out to be quite an eventful year full of fun trends. Yet, being unique and showing off your personality has always been the trend; the creative way of expressing them has varied year to year. For a fall quinceañera, My Quince has five trends that are sure to be unique and personable.

1. Pretty Peach
Be chic and fabulous this fall in the neutral color of peach. Not to bright to hurt your eyes, nor too dull to be a bore. This quinceañera dress color will look great on you and with a bouquet of the seasonal dahlias; they will provide a burnt orange contrast. Check out the Quince Dress Gallery for other ideas.

2. Classic Fall Color Schemes
How about you walking down a venetian red carpet? Or shine in a sparkly turquoise gown? Fall is the season to experiment with colors, why not incorporate these great color trends in your quinceañera. Follow the leaves and blend reds, golds, and oranges with pops of turquoise into your color scheme.

3. Play with Lighting
By setting the lights on the floor and illuminating the walls, you can create a fun dance atmosphere while giving the illusion of tall walls. Another quince trend in lighting is having your name monogramed with lights. Whether on walls or the dance floor, you can add your personal flair with different styles of typefaces. Adding lighting into your Quinceañera will brighten up that dark fall night and get the party started.

4. Dare with Draping
Having white fabric hung from a chandelier to the walls can create an intimate and elegant atmosphere. This draping will liven up your ceiling as the lights from your deejay bounce back and hit the dance floor. Lights can also play up your theme by changing the color of the drape to the color of your choosing. Why not have your drapes be different colors? It’ll provide a fun atmosphere and play up your theme without the need of much electricity.

5. Surprise with a Flash Mob
A new trend in dances has been the infamous flash mob. Instead of a routine hip-hop dance, gather your friends and really surprise your guests with a flash mob. Use all your favorite songs in a quick mash-up and professional techniques are not required. With Halloween approaching use the song “Thriller” or “Monster Mash” to show off your best dance moves.

6. Fun Photo booths
Want a cute way to remember your big day? Use a photo booth! Provide picture frames as party favors and your guests will leave with a great reminder of your fun bash. Ask for doubles and even make your own scrapbook! Make it elegant with scrolls stamped on the corner or even falling leaves so that they can remember that delightful fall evening!

Whether it is with lighting or cute photos with friends, these five trends can turn your quince from great to memorable.

What’s your favorite fall quince trend?

– By Jennifer Jimenez

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