Dama Dress Trends By Quince Themes

Garden Theme

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Description– As much as you may enjoy your outdoor quince venue, adding in a touch of floral or light pink brings out a more decorative feel to your quince!
Colors– For a Garden Theme, you can go for floral patterns, cherry blossom, or even pink!
Style– From ruffles to embellishments, you can help your damas choose a sweetheart neckline or a longer dress length, depending on how formal you want your event.
Tip– Don’t worry too much about the specific style of the dress. Garden Themes tend to be more casual, so you can help your damas choose something light.

Red Theme

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DescriptionRed can be a very bright, eye-catching color for your quince. Perfect for springtime!
ColorsRed does not have to be the main color of your damas’ dress. Colors such as gold, yellow, or even black can be the main color of the dresses.
Style– Your damas’ dresses can always have embellishments or embroideries for their dress, as long as it is not too elaborate.
Tip– Try to look for a red dress mixed in with another color such as black. It is always nice to have another color to complement your theme.

Butterfly Theme

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Description– Fluttering, carefree, and light, the butterfly’s beauty can be expressed in this theme.
Colors– You can always be inspired from a butterfly’s wings, especially with light blue and purple.
Style– The dresses can also be layered and with tulle, depending on how simple or fancy you want your damas to dress.
Tip– There are many variations of dresses, but the most important of all is to make sure that the length isn’t too short- the tulle adds to the look but tends to shorten the length.

Nature Theme

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Description– For a Nature Theme use colors of green or nude. These can bring you a more peaceful, lighter feel to your quince!
Colors– In general, colors for a Nature Theme include but are not limited to light green, yellow, etc.
Style– You can go for a more simpler dress with a bateau neckline and lace or an embellished sweetheart with flowy tulle!
Tip– When choosing dresses for your damas, make sure to pay attention to color choices- you might want to go for a lighter color for those with a darker skin tone.