10 Tips for a Radiant Lifestyle

As a teenager, staying healthy might not be a priority with school, friends, and events taking the center stage. They say that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty, but why not have the best of both worlds? If you take good care of yourself internally your body will thank you, and it may start to show outside as well. What are you waiting for? Don’t be afraid to sweat a little as you get moving with these tips to help you stay healthy and get motivated so you will look and feel your best for your quince!Water-with-Fruit-Infused 1. H20 Hydration

Resist the temptation to grab a soda or other sugary drink and chug at least 67-87 ounces of water a day. Grab a reusable water bottle, add some freshly sliced fruits for a pretty touch, and guzzle! Keep in mind that sometimes your body may confuse hunger with thirst. Water also keeps your skin looking at its best. It’s a win-win all around!
2. Music Motivates
If you really hate to get up and get out to exercise, customizing your iPod playlist is a great way to motivate you to jump off the couch. Pick tunes that channel your inner tiger like Becky G or Beyoncé. If you feel like you have a can-do attitude, you can tackle any workout like a pro! Don’t forget stretches and cool down mode—customize your music accordingly!3. Daily Workout
It might be hard for you to set aside time in your busy schedule for a workout plan, but don’t use that as an excuse anymore and incorporate it into your daily routine. If you take the bus or get driven every day, try biking or jogging instead. Tired of waiting for the elevator? Hit the stairs for a great mini-workout. If you’re up for the challenge, carry your textbooks around in your arms instead of stashing them all in your locker.
4. Stay Stress-Free
Feel like school or drama is taking over your life? Carve out a little time in the morning before the hectic rush of school consumes you to just meditate on life. Calming exercises like yoga or Pilates is a good way to rejuvenate and invigorate yourself mentally. Deep breathing exercises can help increase oxygen levels in the brain and clear your mind.
5. Buddy Up
Find a friend or two to encourage you to workout more. It always helps to have someone to be at your side to motivate you. Make it a fun activity to throw a Frisbee around at the park instead of heading to your local ice cream shop to stuff yourself. You will see that exercising can be rewarding
6. Change Up Your Scene
Tired of busting out a yoga mat in your bedroom? Head toyour local park or jog around town for a change in scenery. Window-shopping while jogging is one of the best ways to stay distracted!
7. Super Charge Your Plate
Put more color on your plate! No, the tomatoes and lettuce on that burger don’t count. Try eating more natural fruits and vegetables. If you hate spinach, try blending it in along with fresh fruit to make a delicious smoothie that’s perfect to bring to school.


8. Stay Away From Social Media
While Tumblr and Pinterest have cute recipe ideas and motivational quotes to keep you active, beware of pictures that may discourage you. Many teens post unrealistic pictures of unhealthy body image as motivation to lose weight. Don’t fall into the trap—love yourself and your body!
9. Don’t Overdo It
While exercise can be beneficial, don’t push your body too far. If you have an injury, allow the proper amount of time to heal. Goal setting is good, but don’t try to outdo yourself or you might run the risk of hurting yourself, which isn’t healthy either.
10. Love Yourself!
The most important thing about body image is to love who you are. Never try to achieve a body because someone else tells you to or because you feel pressured to maintain a certain look. Exercising should make you feel good about yourself and keep your body at a healthy state. You go, girl!

– By Bonnie Wong

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